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How to Setup DDNS & Mobile

How To Setup DDNS & Mobile

1. Go to


2. Start by registering an account. Click Registration, Fill out all info and submit


3. If you forgot your password, click Forgot your Password?


4. If you already have an account, simply sign in.

5. Once logged in, your screen should look like this:


6. Click Create additional domain names to register a new dvrlists address

How to Assign DVR/NVR DDNS Account

1. Configure DDNS thru IE configuration is easier for Typing

2. After Login the DVR/NVR go to Configuration

3. Select Network → Basic Settings


4. Select DDNS at the top.

5. DDNS type LTS (Default)

6. Domain Name: put your dvrlists address in here. Ex:

7. Username is your Email Address. (Note: it is not the DVR username)

8. Password is you ns1.dvrlists website login password

9. Click Save, then click TEST

Troubleshooting: If you got the TestFailed error, please double check the DNS number. Or, your firewall has blocked the DDNS.

Change DNS# to will get better connection

How to Setup Mobile App with DDNS Address

1. Install Mobile App: NVMS7000

google play

2. Click Logo (Menu) → Devices


3. Click Manual Adding


4. Then, enter the information below


5. Alias: Location Nickname

6. Register Mode: IP/Domain

7. Address: dvrlists address

6. Click Disk icon to save

7. Then, Start Live View

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