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During periods of inactivity, the touchscreen automatically times out or starts the photo slideshow.
Tap any area on the touchscreen to wake the it.
By default, the touchscreen enters sleep mode after one (1) minute of inactivity. 

To select a setting between 30 seconds and 10 minutes:
1. Tap System Settings.
2. Display your face to the camera, or enter the Master User Code.
3. Tap Screen.
4. Tap Screen Timeout to access options and change the setting.
5. Tap to return to the previous menu.

When you first wake the system, it reveals the Home Screen.

1System StatusReveals the system state: Ready to Arm, Not Ready to Arm, etc.
2Date/TimeShows the system date/time.
3Arming FeaturesTap Arm Stay or Arm Away to arm the system.
4Emergency IconTap for access to Panic, Fire and Emergency buttons.
5System LogoTap System logo to access History, System Info, Dealer Info and Regulatory & Compliance.
Press and Hold for 3 seconds for access to enter the Duress Code and transmit a user duress report to the Central Station.
6Current WeatherThis feature requires a service agreement. Contact your dealer for details.
7System IconsIndicates system information.
8Smart HomeTap for Smart Home options.
9Smart Areas IconTap for access Smart Areas status and arm/disarm options.
10Settings IconTap for access to the Settings menu.

At the top-left of the screen, different messages appear to reveal the current system state.

System Status  MessageIndicates  that …
System Ready To ArmIndicates all sensors are closed and the system is ready to be armed.
System Not Ready To ArmOne or more sensors are open.
System Ready To Arm (BYPASS)The system is ready to arm and one or more sensors are on the Bypassed Sensors list.
System Arming (STAY)
The system is in the process of arming itself in Stay Mode.
System Arming (AWAY)The system is in the process of arming itself in Away Mode.
System Armed (Stay)
System Armed (Away)
The system is armed and protecting the premises in STAY or AWAY mode.
Restarting Security ProcessThe security system is restarting. Typically, this only appears after an installer modifies a System Configuration setting.

The status bar that appears on the top of the Home screen and on most system menus reveals a variety of icons providing system information and access to different functions.

Status Icons

Action Icons
Battery Power StatusNotifications
Battery ChargingTurn Display Sleep Mode On
On-Board Camera is activeAudible Beeps On
PowerAudible Beeps Off
Power DisconnectedUpdate is Available

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