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Digital door locks have a rather interesting life. Some can last as little as one year from our experience while others can go over 6 years for as far as we can track them.

Factors vary but some notable ones include:

1. The number of throws/activation per day. Say you have a very busy home with a lot of people and 6 different people go back and forth 10 times a day... that could be 120 throws a day (60 openings, 60 closings)

2. Whether the lock is on an interior door (inside your home) or outside where it gets hit with rain, sunlight, dust, etc. P.S. Direct sunlight definitely wears them quicker based on our experience.

3. Proximity to a water body. Saltwater in the air, such as usually occurs for our costal clients definitely has an impact on all household electronics.

We get clients calling us to replace them every now and then. We like to say you should expect them to last 3 to 5 years. The manufacturer's warranty on them is 1 year, anything outside of that would be a customer expense for both equipment and labor unless of course, you have EpicCare extended warranty on that device. 
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