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1. Log into your Customer Portal.
2. On your left-hand side, click on Automation.
3. On the top bar, click on Arming Schedules.
4. In Choosing Schedule Type, click to select either Use business hours to use the location's existing schedule or Create a custom schedule to configure a new schedule.
5. In Add an Arming Schedule, select the automated system action from the dropdown menu.

To create a schedule that only performs one arming action (i.e., Arm Stay or Arm Away), use the dropdown menus to configure the first arming action and click to deselect the second arming action option. This sets the schedule to only perform one arming action.

If a second automated system action is desired, click to enable the second arming action settings and use the dropdown menus to configure the second arming action.

6. Verify the arming schedule is configured with the correct settings.
7. Click the Save button.

PLEASE NOTE: Overnight Arming Schedules

If an Arming Schedule crosses midnight (e.g., Arm Away system at 10 PM, and Disarm it at 7 AM), the second arming command takes place on the following day.

If the system is set the schedule to Arm Away at 10 PM and Disarm at 7 AM, Mon-Fri, this means that the schedule concludes with a Disarm at 7 AM on Saturday. To create a weeknight arming schedule that concludes on Friday night (so that the system is left armed over the weekend), construct the schedule by specifying the morning Disarm command first, followed by the Arm Stay or Arm Away command that arms the system at night (e.g., Disarm at 7 AM, Arm Away at 10 PM, Mon-Fri). This prevents the schedule from crossing midnight.
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