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In this article we will cover some common questions our customers have when it comes to moving or cancelling and the equipment installed at their property.

Question: Do I own the equipment?

Answer: It depends, Epic Alarm offers both methods of setting up your security equipment. Please refer to your monitoring & installation agreement to see who owns the equipment. If you are unsure or need a copy of your agreement, our customer success team is always a call or email away!

Question: When my equipment is removed (either for moving/relocating or for cancellation and return of equipment) will there be any damage to the walls remaining? Do you repair it for us?

Answer: With the vast variety of equipment we install, it's hard to answer this simply. A fair number of the devices we install are wireless, many of which are affixed with commercial grade adhesives. While other devices, including security control panels, cameras, etc., require hard-wiring and drilling into walls. Unfortunately, when equipment is removed for reasons such as moving/relocating or cancellation, we can not make repairs to the walls (painting, patching, etc.) as that is outside our technicians scope of expertise, and it is covered in our original installation agreement. 

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