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My camera system stopped working on my mobile app

There are many reasons that your camera system mobile app may no longer allow you to login to remotely view your cameras. This could include:
  1. You've switched internet service providers 
  2. You've changed any network hardware (this could include modems, routers, and switches) 
  3. Your internet service provider was merged or acquired. We've seen this often with companies such as Charter, Cox, Time Warner, and Spectrum.
  4. Your internet service provider simply reset or changed the IP address on your modem/router. 
  5. The manufacturer of the equipment changed the mobile app or settings.
  6. There is something wrong with the wiring going to your DVR/NVR.
  7. There is something wrong with the equipment.
For instances where the reasons for your mobile access no longer working, when it once did, falls into reasons 1 to 5 above, we would need to have one of our technicians reconfigure your DVR and modem/router and configure port forwarding settings. This is not covered by our labor or equipment warranty, as it is completely out of our control.

We have, however, made it easy and affordable to do so. For a flat rate of $149, our technician can take care of this for you. Please contact us to schedule this service. 

For instances where there is a wiring or hardware issue, it may be a billable call or it may be covered under your warranty.  Simply give our Customer Success Team a call at 888-969-EPIC or message us via email at and we'll get you taken care of. 
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