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Will my Nest thermostat work with Epic Alarm?

Have an existing Nest thermostat? Curious if it can work with your Epic Alarm system?

If your Epic Alarm system is:
  1. An system
  2. You are on our 'Ultimate Plan'  

The answer is YES! We can now integrate your Nest thermostat with your Epic Alarm system.

How? Simple:
Shoot us a quick email at with your account number or information. If you meet the above criteria, we will add the Nest Option at no additional charge!

Please allow 24-72 hours for the change to take effect. Once done a prompt will now appear at the bottom of the Thermostats page (under the emPower tab of the website). Just click on the link, and complete required information on Nest's authorization page. Using the Nest Thermostat After authorization is complete, allow one minute for initialization before use. Thermostat Features will then be available.

Through Now you can control the Nest Thermostat via the app for an integrated connected home experience. The Nest app will still function as before. 

Please note: Nest does not support many of the advanced energy features offered by the Smart Thermostat such as:
  • Integrated remote temperature sensing
  • Thermostat and fan schedules
  • Rule-based automation including:
  • Smart away setback
  • Sensor left open setback
  • Extreme temperature setback
  • Fire safety shut-off
  • Temperature notifications
  • Thermostat change alerts

If you are interested in these advanced features, an Smart Thermostat would definitely be a better option. To learn more about pricing, or to schedule an installation to add a smart thermostat to your system, please call 1.888.969.3742 or email at
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