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How to set up your camera live feed with the NVMS7000 app

If you are having trouble with your NVMS7000 app or have not yet set it up, follow this guide to get it up and running.

1. Download NVMS7000 if you haven't already here (Android) or here (iOS).  

2. Once you start the app and arrive on the main screen, tap the icon at the top left. The icon looks like this
and pulls up the main menu.  

3. In the main menu, tap Devices, and then select Manual Adding.  

4. Input data here as following: 

Alias: Location name
Registration Mode: IP/Domain
Address: IP/dvrlists address
Port: 8000 (Note: Mobile app also required 8554) 
User: admin (DVR username)
Password: ***** (DVR password)

5. Tap the save icon at the top right, then click Start Live View to view.  

For a detailed guide on the entire setup process, including before setting up the mobile app check out this help article >>>
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