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Did your system recently notify you of a low battery condition on one of your sensors? Worry not, we have a few choices on how to handle this.

Your wireless alarm sensors utilize small batteries to power them. This modern design is great, so you don't have wires running all over your home or business. However, batteries do eventually die.

You have two options when your sensor reports a low battery:

1. Have an Epic Alarm technician visit you

Our customer success team can be reached by email or by phone to schedule a service technician to come out and replace them. There is a charge for a tech to come out. If you have EpicCare warranty coverage in effect, all charges will be waived.

By email:
By phone: 1.888.969.EPIC (1.888.969.3742)


2. Replace them yourself 

Most sensors have batteries that can be replaced by you. Please be very careful as the alarm sensors can have delicate parts, connectors and circuit boards that can get damaged when opening them. 

Please call Epic Alarm before replacing sensor batteries yourself, so we can put your account on test. You can do so by dialing 888.979.EPIC (3742) our dedicated monitoring station line. 

For a detailed guide on how to replace batteries on our most common sensors as well as links to help you find the right batter on Amazon, please click here to read that article.

Unfortunately we cannot sell or ship batteries directly to our clients for you to replace yourself, the self-help article linked about does have specific battery part numbers and links to purchase them on Amazon.

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